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Welcome to Every Day Christian Marketing based in the UK. Our objective is quite simply to be a vessel for God. To allow him to reveal his love to all those who have ears to hear. "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for welfare and not for evil. To give you a future and a hope" Jeremiah 29:11.

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Website Design for Christian Projects

Embrace our beautifully designed modern website templates. The media and content can be edited to fit your parish and can reach the potential 85% of adults who use the internet. 

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Social Marketing for Christian Projects

Social Marketing is a great way to promote your parish activity.  Develop and adapt your social platforms  Make the decision and allow our social expertise to guide your projects.

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Christian Events - Marketing Projects

Don't compromise your event with poor marketing. We can help with your project by using the latest technology and marketing. God can and will do exceedingly more when it is in his will.

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E Mail and SMS Direct Marketing

Communicate and encourage your parishioners to engage with church activity. Allow technology to be one of your instruments for our times.  Step up and reach more of your audience

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Christian Marketing Services

Christian web site designs

We specialise in website design and events for christian churches, prayer and worship groups which promote and bear fruit for Jesus Christ. Need a marketing partner? team up with EveryDay Christian Marketing

We are passionate about our website development because we know that the good fruit that scripture refers to is the by product of what is in our hearts. We are honoured to help our brothers and sisters bear this fruit for Jesus Christ our Lord.

Christian Social Marketing

We can set up and assist with targeting social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube Pinterest and Google plus. Online social marketing is an ocean waiting for your ministry. Step out and allow God to manifest his glory through you.

Many people do not understand the dynamices behind the social platforms. Marketing can target demographics to fit your ideal audience. Here at Every Day Christian marketing we want you to succeed at getting the message of God out. We would love to assist you.

Email and SMS Communication

An effective communication strategy is critical when handling small and large groups, church or team members. We can help with platforms which will enable you to manage your groups and keep them satisfied with Email and SMS targeting.

Our platforms also ensure that adherance to direct marketing regulations is maintained. Meaning that all communications clearly allow recipients to unsubscribe and the process is also managed to ensure that the recipient remains removed from the systems

Christian Marketing Events

Are you making the most of your events? A well planned, executed and measured marketing plan which includes landing pages, digital communications and internet advertising will make all the difference

All too often a well conceived initiative / event performs poorly simply because of a lack of understanding when considering marketing dynamics. 

Christian Promotional Videos

Engaging with your audience in the most effective way has always been a key objective when considering marketing. Using video in your message is absolutely crucial if you want to entice your audience on a topic or a point

Video as an advertising channel is highly effective because the recipient uses the senses of sight, hearing and seeing all together. All of the senses working together in this way make it more likely for the recipient to understand intelligently and emotionally the fullness of the message given.

Formulating a Marketing Strategy

If you don't think you need a marketing strategy because you are a Christian Organisation, Group or Church, then you really do need to re-think your plans. Retention of congregations / members / parishioners is absolutely critical in todays climate.

This is acheived by implementing a plan which is designed to attract, entice and encourage your audience to engage. These are business terms and practices effectively used in industry, and should be equally used in our church environment. We want our audiences to consume our message.

But as for me and my house - we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15