Welcome to E-Parish - Web Assist

A service which takes care of updating your existing website, allowing your team to focus on parish pastoral needs. A dedicated service for our Catholic Parishes.

Your Web Assist service for £19 per week*

The Web Assist Resource Centre consists of a team of dedicated Catholics on standby to update your existing website. We recognise that some parishes simply do not have the time or resource to update their website platforms.

Our service includes:

Weekly upload of your newsletters to your website
Create a way to download newsletters if needed
Update your forthcoming events section
Update your news section
Update your social media, if required
Update general parish content - Sacrament preparation etc
Update your imagery
If needed, put a Privacy Cookie bar disclaimer for your legal compliance
If needed create an email campaign area to inform your parishioners

*No contract. Cancel anytime if you are not completely satisfied.  Includes 2 hours per week to allow for updates. Should time not be sufficient to cover all of your updates, tasks can be carried over to the following week, or discussions for additional time to be considered

Call our National Catholic Resource Centre
on 029 20611730


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