Social Platforms for Christian Churches and Groups


A social media strategy will help you to be more effective in terms of winning souls for Christ. As evangelists we have to meet the people where they are and use familiar tools  (with modern day language) in order for them to be receptive to the message we are to deliver for Christ. Going social isn't just about setting up "a page".  Making the most of social media involves targeting audiences who have been selected and chosen by God to receive the seeds. In order to be fishermen, first we have to be modern day marketeers.

1.  We can assist in setting up social pages correctly

2.  Link your social pages to your marketing strategy

3.  Leverage visibility through social advertising - Put your pearls in front of those who have ears to hear and eyes to see

4.  Management of social platform option to filter opportunities for ministry

 Step out and share your treasure in a new way. We would love to get involved. God Bless.